HoneyBook Launches $500K Breakthrough Grant for Emerging Marketing and Creative Businesses

Each round of the program will award 10 recipients $25,000 in tools, resources, and training to empower the next generation of independent consultants.

June 18, 2024

In response to seismic workforce changes, marked by over 80,000 tech layoffs in 2024 alone, HoneyBook is stepping up to support the growing wave of professionals turning their skills towards independent consulting. On June 18, HoneyBook unveiled its first-ever Breakthrough Grant — a $500,000 investment aimed at helping early-stage marketing and creative businesses accelerate their growth. This ambitious initiative will run twice before the end of the year and provide vital resources to ten eligible independent businesses.

HoneyBook's Breakthrough Grant offers a support system to those making the leap from corporate roles to independent consulting careers. Each recipient will be empowered with a package valued at $25,000 that includes:

  • $18,000 cash: Direct investment to be used on additional tools, training, and business essentials.
  • A 3-year HoneyBook Premium membership: Unlimited access to the HoneyBook platform to create efficient processes and a professional client experience. 
  • Expert business support: Personalized assistance from seasoned HoneyBook Pros to ensure each recipient's business is optimized for success.
  • Exclusive workshops and community access: Tailored learning experiences and a supportive peer network of fellow independents.

“The future of work is evolving, and more individuals are seeking the autonomy and flexibility of independent consulting,” says HoneyBook cofounder and CEO Oz Alon. “HoneyBook is dedicated to empowering this shift, and the Breakthrough Grant is our latest investment in furthering our mission to empower independent business success.”

Independent businesses succeed on HoneyBook

With over 100,000 members and more than $15 billion in business booked through the platform to date, HoneyBook stands out as a leader in supporting the independent economy. Businesses on HoneyBook experience an average revenue growth of 34% in their first year alone.

Whether transitioning from a side hustle to a full-time venture or diving headfirst into independent work, HoneyBook offers the technology and resources to help independent businesses thrive.

Success story: Moises Cardenas

Strategic support at the right moment in time can be a game-changer for emerging businesses. Moises Cardenas, marketing agency owner and HoneyBook member, transformed his business and significantly scaled his revenue after optimizing his processes and branding with HoneyBook’s help.

The recipient of complimentary HoneyBook Pros services in 2022, Moises has since doubled his revenue and bookings. He now experiences a 50% increase in bookings year over year and has reached over seven figures in revenue.

“HoneyBook has been a pivotal part in freeing up time for me to focus on continuing to grow the business. Life without HoneyBook would be erratic and crazy. It really ensures you’re showing up professionally,” says Moises.

Meeting the rising demand for skilled consultants

According to the Future Workforce Report*, 71% of hiring managers plan to increase their use of marketing and creative consultants within the next six months. Nearly two-thirds aim to hire more skilled consultants over the next year. HoneyBook’s Breakthrough Grant arrives at a crucial moment to meet this rising demand with resources that enable accelerated business success.

How to apply for the Breakthrough Grant

HoneyBook is on a mission to make it easier to build a successful business, doing the work you love. The Breakthrough Grant advances this vision by empowering the next wave of independent businesses with the support they need to accelerate their growth.

If you're an experienced marketing or creative professional committed to your craft but early in your independent business journey, this program is for you! Don't miss this opportunity to access the tools, funds, and mentorship you need to break through barriers and unlock your potential.

To apply, we want to hear about your business story, how you got started, and the impact this grant could have on your goals. Applications are open from June 18 to July 16, 2024. Visit the HoneyBook Breakthrough Grant to learn more about the program and start your application today.